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Credit Check: I was born in a small town

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Monday March 2, 2009

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

-5 People in small town BC where no one lives anymore complains that the Greyhound only comes once per day.

-5 Suburban municipalities full of bored kids, gangs, meth labs, and grow-ops complain that Vancouver exports crime.

+1 The fucking hollow tree in Stanley Park another story on CKNW

-10 CityCaucus thinks that going wildly over budget for Vancouver drinking water, which we drink,, is the same as paying for the Olympics and wonders why heads aren’t rolling. Because heads aren’t rolling on the Olympics, either.

+5 Fire Chief, who was partly responsible for Vancouver’s innovative system of earthquake-resistant salt-water fire hydrants retires. That guy’s all right.

+5 The Courier has a story on women who become prostitutes after 50. For the Blue Hairs in Point Grey, the Courier truly is your Good News paper.

Today: +6 This Year: +26