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Credit Check: The Mounted Police always get their day in court

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Monday February 23, 2009

MUSIC WASTE is now accepting submissions for 2009. Deadline is April 15.

0 Bad Lieutenant Update Mounties begin testifying about the Dziekanski killing at the airport. One Mounties lawyer says ‘it’s unlikely any of the officers will express regret or responsibility for what happened.’ M

+1 Huge gang rampages in Whalley

-1 In a shocking occurrence, a Whistler chairlift plunges to earth.

+5 The grizzlies have awoken early and the BC coast. Brraaaaaiiiiiins! (Oh, you scoff – but you won’t be laughing when an emaciated bear crashes through your shopping centre window.

+10 Two from Megaphone: Bad landlords forced to make repairs. and Olympic protestors being harassed by the police on their own time.

Today: +15 This Year: -16