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Vancouver Civic Election: Learning to COPE

By Adam Thomas

Tuesday September 9, 2008

The two left of center political parties in Vancouver, COPE and Vision Vancouver have seemingly come to some fundamental understanding with Vision Vancouver offering an agreement that would see a shared slate between the two parties and a common endorsement for Vision mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson for mayor. The agreement would see a common split between the parties in their pitching of city councilors and parks board representatives. This is an attempt to bridge the divide that has existed between the two civic parties since then Mayor Larry Campbell left COPE to start Vision back in 2005. Together both parties hope this unified front will allow voters to not have to split the vote and will help them remove the right wing NPA from power. The agreement has been accepted by Vision but still must be voted on by COPE members.

To follow: ONLY’s list of Candidates….who to vote for.