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Vancouver Music: Re-opened Biltmore

By Cameron Reed

Thursday September 4, 2008

Vancouver Music: Re-opened Biltmore:

Is it just me or was the Biltmore getting shut down the best publicity Zak could have ever dreamed for? Right at a time when bar owners are changing booking formats and entire bar staff are getting fired, along comes the No Fun Police trying to shut down a completely legitimate, albeit flailing, live music venue. Instant cred! It probably helped a little that the show that got shut down was one of the best booked shows they’ve had there since it opened.

I’m happy about this surge in popularity and even more pleased that the community rallied around this cause. I think the Biltmore is great and hope it becomes a long-standing, successful venue. I’m just making a point.

Also, great idea getting Ben Jacques to design the Biltmore’s posters. Dude has branded his style well and should give some more needed cred to the room.