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Goodbye, sweet prince

By Chuck Ansbacher

Friday September 5, 2008

I’ve seen this sentiment echoed a bunch on some blogs today, but I’ll say it again because I think it is very much worth repeating:

McCain’s speech last night was the kind that one gives at the end of one’s political career, not the beginning. To use a big-ish word, it was valedictory. When McCain loses, the party of ‘big ideas’ will have obviously run out of them. Not that I believe for a second they had any in the first place, but still, when McCain’s only solution to the numerous crises this country is facing is to talk about some shit that he personally went through back in the ’70s, he’s basically treading water, and his legs are getting stiff and tired. After he drowns, and trust me, he will drown, it will be in an ocean of his own sorry tears. They will have been shed because in his attempt to fulfill his ultimate goal in life, he will have come to embody everything that he once despised.

To John McCain! May the Ambien ease his pain.