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I Miss My Mommy: Cause She’s The Vice-Present. Will You Love Trig?

By Cameron Reed

Wednesday September 3, 2008

I Miss My Mommy: Cause She's The Vice-Present. Will You Love Trig?:

“Thank you abastinse educashun for making Sister a mommy too!”

cameronr: There is a certain tone you have to take when making tasteless or potentially offensive jokes. We should be able to laugh at what makes us uncomfortable, I think it’s a way we work towards understanding why it makes us feel as much. It becomes more real when we have to think critically about it. In person, your body language and facial expression can turn “I love Jews, they’re hilarious” from a statement of awkward endearment into a somewhat offensive remark. It takes a touch of class I think.

In writing it’s especially difficult. On the Internet in general it seems impossible. When trying to make a point with satire or parody sometime both the objective and the humour can be completely lost. This website is a perfect example of how some people should not even approach sensitive subject matter. Ever.

Although, their impersonation of Trig is spot on.