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McCain chose Palin before he knew about daughter's pregnancy, or he's lying

By Chuck Ansbacher

Tuesday September 2, 2008

I’m just doing my own detective work here — and not that McCain lying is news or this really matters or anything — but here are the facts as they stand:

  • John McCain announced to the press that he had selected a running mate on Wednesday.
  • Sarah Palin was interviewed by McCain’s vetting team for the first time on Wednesday night. It was during this interview that they learned of her pregnant daughter.

If this timeline provided by the McCain campaign itself is correct, then it is a FACT that McCain did not know about her daughter’s pregnancy when he decided on her as a running mate, and it is a FACT that he decided that she was the best person to serve as his second in command before EVER MEETING HER IN PERSON. Also, he then described her to the press as his soul-mate after having known her for less than 24 hours.