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Crystalbeard Collective

By Cameron Reed

Wednesday April 11, 2007

Crystalbeard is an artist collective of Calgary ex-pats out to melt minds. Their heavy psychedelics and colour overloads affect their creations just as much as they do the viewer. Many of their drawings begin to morph as soon as they appear, a result of the ever changing terrain the characters are forced to navigate through. All in all it’s a mind fuck. Try and make it through all their videos in one sitting. You’ll probably slit your wrist expecting little neon clouds to pop out and repair it with smile-beams and pyramid-cannons.

Recently, they had a show at Lucky’s, contributed a cover to Only, and supplied Fake Jazz with live visuals.

Check for drawings, animations, paintings and videos.

A show in Seattle is in the works with E*Rock, Mumbleboy, and Paper Rad as well as a Crystalbook that will feature drawings and home reno tips. And keep your eyes open for a big animation show at Little Mountain Studios in the next couple months with Crystal Beard members Mark Feddes, Stu Hughes, Ben Jacques and tons of others. Click the banner for the trailer.