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By Asher Penn

Saturday March 10, 2007


James Whitman‘s drawings are the perfect synthesis of a white weirdo and the unconscious effects of the natural surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. While working mostly with mechanical pencil on letter sized paper, Whitman distinguishes himself from the millions of doodlers with a concentrated surreal hand and a delicacy of form. Imagine stick-insect aliens walk around their caterpillar huts in the Endowment Lands. “Drawing for The King”, a show of Whitman’s drawings is open at Lucky’s right now. Kathy-is your-friend ‘s actual friend Hanna Kristina Metz has a show of Nylon-ready drawings opening up at Dadabase this Friday. Robert Arndt has a show at the Tracy Lawrence Gallery called “History Will Absolve Me” but there is no way of telling if that should be good or not. If it’s as funny as his previous show “Proposals for an Art Show” I’m sure we’ll all be rolling in the aisles.