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Art Fag Feb 15

Circus Maximus

By kayla

Thursday February 15, 2007

Trevor Lee Larson and Nick Pittman’s mutually-inspired echo chamber of minds, “Drawings for Music for Drawings,” opens at Lucky’s February 16, from 8-11pm. Should be… pitch-perfect? The sprawling press release announcing “Circus Maximus” (see image, right) at the Western Front conjures images of French Canadian anarchist puppet theatre performed by interdisciplinary video Goths–a welcome, if perplexing, change of pace from the characteristic dry quirkiness of their recent gallery programming. It happens on the 24th at 8. While you’re there, check out their current exhibition, “Before the Internet: Networks and Art” and try to imagine you and your friends making community TV and… faxing each other?! Blanket has hours again (Thurs-Sat, 12-5), just in time for Eli Boronowsky to show off an even more pleasurable and strange round of lightly sun-bleached acrylic mystery patterns.