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Art Fag Dec 15 2005

From Isabelle Pauwels’ Making A Living

By kayla

Thursday December 14, 2006

New exhibitions are becoming fewer and farther between as the holidays approach, but it seems there are a few concentrated around the Main Street area, so why not put on your raincoat, grab a hot cocoa to go, and take a walk around? I haven’t seen Isabelle Pauwels’s new show at Catriona Jeffries Gallery yet, but if it’s anything like her recent video work, you’ll be alternately squirming, laughing, and wishing you had a friend like her. There’s still time for last minute shopping from 11 am to 6 pm December 23 at the Blim Christmas Market. The Crystalbeard Collective ( Ben Jacques, Stu Hughes, and Mark Feddes ) have mounted a new show of what looks to be some drawings that are somehow both laid-back and action-packed, evincing apparent affinities with Eastern American doodlers such as Brian Chippendale and Leif Goldberg at Lucky’s, where Owen Plummer recently passed the curatorial torch to fellow artist Leif Hall.