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Art Fag Nov 15, 2006

Still from film ??At the Heart of a Sparrow?? by Barry Doupé

By Chuck Ansbacher

Wednesday November 15, 2006

The CAG hosts this year’s RBC Painting Award semifinalists until November 19. Competitors are grouped regionally in a cross-country panorama of Canada’s freshest and, er, not-as-freshest young painters, encouraging mean-spirited games of compare-and-contrast. See it with your most obnoxious art student friend for maximally caustic running commentary. Ah, envy: the coldest road… Looking promising this week is Video Art Wave #1, curated by Lions member Barry Doupé, whose profoundly memorable ECIAD grad animation leaves me in baffled awe to this day. VAW#1 is a collection of animation by Julia Freyer, Steve Reinke, Tasha Brotherton, Lief Hall, Magnus, Doupé himself (still from his film At the Heart of a Sparrow pictured above), and others equally likely to induce OMG!WTF?-itis. VAW#1 is on November 24, 8-11 pm at BLIM.