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Art Fag: Paint

By only

Sunday October 1, 2006

PAINT is already on view at the VAG, and the opening party (for which non-members will have to exercise their crashing skills) happens on the 6th. Guest-curated by artist and ECIAD instructor Neil Campbell, it features newish works by Vancouver ex-pats Peter Schyuff and Jessica Stockholder, as well as (comparatively) new kids on the block Etienne Zack, Matthew Brown, Elizabeth McIntosh, Arabella Campbell, Tim Gardner, Holger Kalberg, and Charlie Roberts. And yes, an institutional nod to local up-and-comers invites comparisons to the VAG’s 1985 Young Romantics exhibition, starring Angela Grossman, Atilla Richard Lukacs, et al., but I say check your speculations at the door. They’re rendered totally boring in the face of the beautiful hugeness and unfakeable chops of PAINT.