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Art Fag

By curtis

Monday May 15, 2006

¿Qué pedo güey? Get your dose of Latin American art until June 4 at the Mo & Hel Belkin. It’s all the way out in UBC, but how often does the opportunity to see Santiago Sierra or Ana Mendieta present itself? There’s still a few more days to see a couple of Mark Lewis’ films on display at the Monte Clark Gallery (up until May 20). And while on the subject of Latino art, Anthony Goicolea is in the following show at the same gallery. May 27, Jimmie Durham, an American artist in Berlin, has Knew Urk on display until July. May 20 is the Video Game Orgy 2 at Video-In, all your favourite old school consoles (Intellivision anyone?) available to play on projectors and TVs for a mere $3-20 sliding entry fee.