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Art Fag

Jason Maclean

By Amil Niazi

Monday May 1, 2006

The Tracey Lawrence will be home to Jason Maclean’s work (shown right) opening Friday May 5. Saturday May 6 is the Emily Carr Grad show featuring works from the 2006 graduating class. If you for some reason enjoyed being sardined into 156 W.Hastings last year for the 2005 grad show, then you’ll love suffocating at both Goon Pack and The Columbia for this year’s after party. And since when did art shows need after parties? Monday May 8, Colleen Brown is giving an artist talk at 1142 East Georgia (back entrance). The talk starts at 8pm. No early birds. Casual dress and conversation encouraged. Check out Shayne Ehman at the Blanket Gallery on Friday May 12th and on Saturday May 13, Justin Williams paints the walls at Goon Pack. Amil Niazi