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Support the Gaff Gallery Tonight

By Chuck Ansbacher

Monday November 19, 2007

Owning and running an art gallery on the 600 block of East Hastings is easily the greatest ‘get rich quick’ scheme ever conceived. Aside from starting some new social networking site, buying up a bunch of land in Surrey or inventing a car that runs on pee, there’s no faster way to become a millionaire than by becoming a proprietor of art. In the ghetto. So why does the Gaff Gallery need a fund-raiser? Why are the rich stealing from the poor? Well, it’s an ego thing. That’s just the way the art world works, and we can’t help it if you’re ignorant.

Maybe their Maserati needs a fresh coat of paint, maybe the Blue Label needs a re-fill, maybe Macau is calling their names again… For whatever reason, the Gaff is putting on a great event tonight. First, there is a showing of photography. Curated by Lee Hutzalak, “Incidental Geography” is a photographic meditation on the Vancouver landscape (their words). Featuring works by Peter Andringa, Marcos Armstrong, Jessica Eaton, Mark Mushet, David Leith and Lee himself, it is essential viewing for any local art fan.

And then there’s the afterparty. Fugazi‘s Joe Lally is in town all the way from our neighbor’s capital. He’s violent, likes to party and is being accompanied by Capillary Action (also DCers) and Shearing Pinx. It’s at the Astoria, starts at 10pm and is totally worth doing. The Gaff needs a new pair of gators.