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By lili

Friday November 2, 2007

OK, so here’s the scoop. If you’re not totally destroyed from the past week’s Halloween events and you’re brain is still slightly functioning, then there are some things you may want to check out this weekend.

At the Western Front (303 e. 8th) tonight at 8pm there is an opening reception for Paul Chan, a young New York based artist who has already managed to show in a bunch of the major galleries. His video installations that investigate drawing pretty much rule my world.

There is a talk today at 1pm in the UBC Buchanan Building (room 104) which looks great if you can make it. It’s with Dr. Allan Antliff from U Vic called “Queer Art / Queer Anarchy” and it’s in conjunction with the Luis Jacob exhibition at the Belkin Art Gallery.

A couple other events tonight include Angus Ferguson at Blanket Gallery (6/ 758 Alexander st) from 6-9pm and a reading and talk at 7:30pm at Spartacus Books (319 w. Hastings) with LouisCabri about poetry and “the social”.

The only opening that I’ve been alerted to on Saturday is at BLIM (e. 17th at Main) at 8pm of James Whitman‘s exhibition “Some Kings”. For a little write up about his work visit their website it’s all in there.

Since the weekend isn’t too jam packed, you should save some energy and check out an opening called “Sleight of Hand” on Tues Nov. 6 at 7pm hosted by Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. It’s a group show curated by Emiliano Sepulveda about illusions, deception, and about perception and how it is flawed.

So that’s it. Wipe the war paint off, put on the some clean clothes, get out there and pretend you didn’t just annihilate all of your remaining brain cells.