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By lili

Thursday October 18, 2007

Tonight has three openings that everyone should check out for different reasons. The first opening I recommend going to is at the Diane Farris Gallery from 6-8pm to view Lisa Klapstock’s photographs while drinking free wine and eating free cheese. It’s important to start the evening off right, and free alcohol and gouda sets the tone perfectly.

Then there is a group show at the CANVAS Gallery (91 Powell St.) which I know nothing about, but thought it would be good to check out on the way to the GAFF Gallery (684 e. Hastings), which I would consider the main event for the evening. At 7pm the GAFF Gallery is hosting “Tillicum”, a series of new paintings by Robert Mearns who has had his name attached to a million and one group shows this year, so it will be exciting to see what he’s done for his solo show.

On Friday there are another three openings that are definitely worth going to depending on your mode of transportation and/or area of residence. If you live way up on Main St. you may want to start the evening off at your local Little Mountain Studios (195 e. 26th at Main st.) where, at 7pm, there is an opening of “Held in a Queue” by Linda Lencovic.

Further down the Main street hill is a group show that has been hyped to me by several friends (all are total art fags, I promise). It has been aptly named “The First Opening” and is hosted by the new East Third Gallery (1898 Main St. at E. 3rd) at 8pm. Get over there, because it’s always good to support a new DIY gallery in this city.

The last opening on Friday night for all the downtown people is “On the Beach” at Artspeak (233 Carrall) at 8pm. It’s another group show with all the info on their website. This one is strictly establishment. Come rub elbows.

Thankfully there is only one opening on Saturday truly worth going to. By this point I’d normally be guzzling the energy drinks and beer to keep me going, but “Sight for Sore Eyes” by Ryan Mitchell-Morrison at the LES Gallery (1879 Powell st.) offers an interactive video installation that should be a sensory experience stimulating enough to bypass the usual crutches. I highly recommend checking this show out and getting a little learning in your system before you drink it all away.