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Swarm 8: Saturday

By only

Saturday September 8, 2007

SWARM is Vancouver’s annual gallery-hop, art party and one of those amazing events that keeps us from skipping town for good. Since there are so many artist-run centers and galleries with so many artists showing, we could never even come close to covering it all. So this year we sent email to all the galleries asking for a brief explanation on what they are showing. Here’s what we got:

Intersections Digital Studios (IDS) (at the Emily Carr Institute – North Building, Granville Island)

ArtCamp07: Re:Use

ArtCamp 07 is a one-day un-conference that aims to bring the open, participatory and creative energy of BarCamp to the art world in an interdisciplinary forum. ArtCamp 06 was attended by over a hundred artists, designers, programmers, critics, theorists, curators and practitioners from all fields who presented 30 workshops, talks and hybrid events in a single day.

the memelab / Balcone Art Society (1814 Pandora St)

Web Launch

Balcone is pleased to welcome you to their 1st public event and launch, showcasing our new website detailing a profile of the organization, potential programs, and the six artists that we will feature for 2007/08; including abbas akhavan, Richard Igby & Marilou Lemmens, The Discriminating Gentleman’s Club – Le Club des Gentilshommes Avertis [DGC – CGA], Leslie Grant, Tara Nicholson, and Justin Tyler Tate.

HastyHawk Gallery (802 E. Hastings St)

Vanity Insanity

Group of 20 artists and their interpretations of fashion in a variety of mediums: comedy and commentary.