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SWARM 8: Friday

By only

Friday September 7, 2007

SWARM is Vancouver’s annual gallery-hop, art party and one of those amazing events that keeps us from skipping town for good. Since there are so many artist-run centers and galleries with so many artists showing, we could never even come close to covering it all. So this year we sent email to all the galleries asking for a brief explanation on what they are showing. Here’s what we got:

Access Artist Run Center (206 Carrall St)

P. Roch Smith: phantoms

P. Roch Smith’s practice engages with the construction of male identity with GI Joe figuring prominently for the past several years. In phantoms, Smith presents a collection of used 1970’s era GI Joes cast in plaster that engage with ideas surrounding memory, play, work and loss.

Goon Pack Clothing and Gallery (109 West Cordova St)

You Owe Me Twenty Grand

This exhibition addresses our relationship to construction, specifically the urgent development that is consuming and altering Vancouver’s landscape. Further, playing with construction as a metaphor, one might consider the engendered female body as dictated by its physical environment. In You Owe Me Twenty Grand, these artists explore our city’s temporary landscape in relation to their own experience, and because they differ, some sort of reconciliation may occur.

Works By: Aigin Larki, Bitsy Knox, Charlotte Matthews, Fabiola Carranza, Kayla Guthrie, Lana Towers, Michelle Reddick, Nathalee Paolinelli

Helen Pitt Gallery (102 – 148 Alexander St)

Bill Pechet: Finding Sudoku

Finding Sudoku is Pechet’s first solo exhibition in over a decade. For this project Pechet, who’s better know as an architect, designer and co-creator of the infamous Sweater Lodge at the 2006 Venice Biennale of Architecture, displays an array of objects and ephemera which explore the space between directed thinking and its opposite—boredom, confusion and spacing out.

In the back Gallery:

Jenipher Hur: Momentary Equilibrium Of The Fantasy Harmony Schematic

Artspeak (233 Carrall St)

Melvin Moti: No Show

The films of Rotterdam artist Melvin Moti find focus in the reconstructions of memories. Moti’s 2004 No Show is a 24-minute film based on a guided tour given at the Hermitage Museum during the Second World War. Speaking to both individual and collective memory, particularly in the face of chaos and adversity, Moti’s film is a beautiful, spare work that evokes a complex subjective response.

Cathedral Park (Dunsmuir @ Richards)

Film Series: Deconstruction

Deconstruction showcases films entirely made out of sampled material. A selection of international artists will be remixing found footage, home movies, television shows, news broadcasts and more, to create exciting and innovative short films out of things already made.

The Crying Room (157 East Cordova)

Jared Schimnosky: A Memo from the Desk of Jared Schimnosky

In this show Jared Schimnosky uses ubiquitous material to facilitate non-local communication; through the delivery of a plethora of visual, written and oral messages Schimnosky. These forms of communication provoke antithetical emotional signifiers thereby propagating a spiraling plunge into the abyss of sludge that is human relations.