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SWARM 8: Thursday

By only

Thursday September 6, 2007

SWARM is Vancouver’s annual gallery-hop, art party and one of those amazing events that keeps us from skipping town for good. Since there are so many artist-run centers and galleries with so many artists showing, we could never even come close to covering it all. So this year we sent email to all the galleries asking for a brief description of what they are showing. In their own words, here’s what we got:

MainSpace (116 — 350 East 2nd Ave)

Susi Milne: Flos Vis

Surreal landscapes with brightened floral masterpieces of herbaceous shape cut outs surround the visual plateau in these ten new works. Original digital photography worked with analog compositing produce a three dimensional effect. Milne has been working as a multi media artist since before she could walk. Her background as administrator then board member throughout the Canadian artist run centre scene since the early eighties provided her with many mentors and teachers in form, variety, synchronicity and loving art making.

Or Gallery (103 — 480 Smithe St)

Cedric and Nathan Bomford: For Fools and Traitors- Nothing

Cedric and Nathan Bomford have revisited the history of notorious cult leader Brother XII by building a series of wooden structures inside the gallery that very loosely reference the original compound of the Aquarian Foundation, a theosophical society he founded just south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in the 1920s.

Book launch: You’re Still Here and So Are We

In conjunction with the exhibition opening, we will be launching our new publication, You’re Still Here and So Are We, documenting Or Gallery programming from January 2006 to June 2007.

Blim (197 East 17th @ Main St)

Kayla Guthrie: Personalities

“Personalities” consists of a new mural by Kayla Guthrie, a large-format version of her poetry ‘zine of the same name. The opening night will include a related solo performance, “Real Rules”, which deals with creativity, communication, and their materials. A multi-disciplinary project encompassing scripts, poems, and short stories, its many voices form a zone that is at once sincere and duplicitous.

Performance at 10pm

VIVO (VideoIn/Video Out) Media Arts Centre (1965 Main St)

Re:Use: New Forms Festival

This year’s exhibition features a variety of works that provide a new perspective on things that already exist, including everyday activities such as driving your car and staring off into the sunset.

Open Studios (252 East 1st Ave)

New Forms Festival Residency: A440Hz

A440Hz is an artistic collaboration investigating our musical universe, connecting the existent electromagnetic spectrum with human hearing, consciousness and the periodic table of elements, using Pythagorean octaves and seven composite waveforms.