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Credit Check: Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Newspaper

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Thursday September 18, 2008

-1 Denise Donlan, formerly of MuchMusic and Sony Music, is the new head of CBC Radio One, foretelling a very, very middle-of-the-road future for the Mother Corp.

+ 1 Cirque du Soleil too busy for 2010 Olympics ceremonies. When even Cirque won’t take your money, you know you have a dog on your hands.

- 1 Former New York mayor Rudy Guliani speaks in Surrey tonight on leadership methods that worked for him in the Big Apple. Namely, piss everyone off, censor art, and arrest the homeless.

+5 The West End Residents Association points out that Business Improvement Areas are unaccountable to citizens and far too powerful.

+10 The Metro is Vancouver’s fastest growing newspaper. But wait, 24 Hours has grown more than any other newspaper.

Today: +13 This Year: - 179