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Friday May 11th, 2007

By David Look

Friday May 11, 2007

There seems to be a growing popularity with people in bands dressing up in animal costumes. Unicorns, bears, bunnies, and a plethora of other furry things that take on a subversive and creepy nature when worn by big stupid humans seem to be making their way into the music scene at an alarming rate. Tomorrow night there’s this dance party called the Call of The Wild Dance Party and we just wanted to use it as an excuse to inform the general public that it hasn’t been cool to get on a stage in a used sports mascot costume since the Flaming Lips did it back in ’89 or something. Dancing is fun though, so have a good time, it’s all ages too. Just remember to take your mask off before you barf.
La Casa Del Artista (150 E. 3rd)