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Friday, May 23rd, 2008

By David Look

Friday May 23, 2008

We’ve hung out with Michael Stipe on more than one occasion. He has a house just off the drive, a couple really big dogs, and some broad with saggy tits and dreadlocks living there keeping his diet real. We’re all on the guest list. See you there.
REM and Modest Mouse @ Deer Lake Park

Fuck hobnobbin it with international rock stars. Yawn. Where we’d really like to be tonight is up front at the Commodore Ballroom, drooling all over that German pussy. We really like German girls, really who doesn’t? What we don’t like though, are girls that think they’re German and leave a perfectly good thing, breaking our hearts so that they can go live somewhere as stupid as Berlin. Happens all the time, fuck that shit.
Ladytron @ The Commodore Ballroom

P.S. Datarock sucks.