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Friday, May 9th, 2008

By David Look

Friday May 9, 2008

You Say Panty! Returns home from a whirlwind tour of endless white lines, pussy all over the place, extensive entourages, television appearances, and travel abroad to exotic locations. The most fun a Christian ever had. This parallels with Bryan Adams’ now legendary return to Vancouver in 89 when he exposed himself on stage at the now demolished Star Fish room, and barfed behind the drum kit. Don’t miss your date with destiny.
You Say Party! We Say Die! @ The Astoria

SNFU plays the Biltmore tonight. No Minors, and it’s $12 to get in. How punk rock is that.
SNFU, The Fight United @ The Biltmore

The 25 minute montage on the front page of the new Tom Cruise website is the best movie you will see all week.