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Thursday May 8, 2008

By Chuck Ansbacher

Thursday May 8, 2008

The most fun party night that none of us knew about is tonight! Funny thing is that it’s at a place we always go, we just didn’t know they had a reggae/dancehall/hip-hop night every Thursday. Ting! That’s what the night is called. Ting! Super fun.
Every Thursday at the Astoria.

While Vancouver has aways been home to a healthy number of thespians…I said thespians…we also happen to be home to one of the best and most original theatre companies in the country. The Electric Company, who blew our minds a few years ago with The Fall and shocked us with a play about Nikola Tesla and then blew our minds again with Palace Grand has a new show called No Exit based on the work by some guy named J.P. Sartre. It’s in a hangar and is a multi-media kind of event, which we know is usually code for pretentious, but will undoubtably be whatever the opposite of pretentious is. Wowsome?

No Exit @ The Hangar, The Center For Digital Media, 577 Great Northern Way.
Ends Saturday