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Tuesday April 29, 2008

By Chuck Ansbacher

Tuesday April 29, 2008

Take it from us (because we just saw them at Coachella and sweet sweaty balls were they a hoot) Cut Copy at Richard’s is the must be place of the evening. However, fucker, it’s sold out. Guess that’s what happens when the entire internet simultaneously felates a band. Oh well, if you want you can probably scalp a ticket or something, or you can go to the sure-to-be-sweaty-and-ballsy after party at Caprice if you like paying money to feel stupid. DJ sets are duuuuumb. Black Kids play too, so go late because they’re a major yawn.
Tonight at Richard’s on Richards.

Apparently Blood on the Wall are playing tonight too? At Pat’s? Is that actually true? Do you think Pat could beat Richard in a fight? Pat sounds like a tougher name than Richard, right? Totally. Yeah, Richard is a pussy name. The kind of name that if you had it and you became a famous musician you would totally change to something super extreme just to make up for how utterly lame you undoubtedly are because of your uncool name. Like The Edge from U2 is probably named Richard. Fuck that asshole. He’s about as edgy as Silly Putty. They should call him The Very Dull Half Circle. That seems appropriate, Richard. If that’s even your name. What a toque.
Tonight at Pat’s Pub… Blood on the Wall, not U2, thank God.

Little known fact: Everyone in Duran Duran is named Richard. We read it in Spin Magazine. Honest!
Tonight at GM Place.