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Thursday April 24, 2008

By only

Thursday April 24, 2008

WOW. You’re almost done. Just a couple little exams left. You’ve worked hard. Especially in the last two or three days. Cramming is tough. You need a break. Luckily Thursdays are the College Fridays and the party starts now…like, right now. But what to do?…Don’t look at us, you’re the almost College graduate.

Rich Hope & His Evil Doers (no relation to Only’s house band THE Doers) plays tonight at Oasis Lounge (1240 Thurlow Street (on the corner of Davie). Rock ‘N’ Stomp your blues away and maybe get lucky once before you finish University. 10 pm.

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival kick-off tonight. Yes, rockabilly is kind of retarded, but so is everything these days. It’ll be filled with meat heads and pin-ups, so don’t forget to roll your jean cuffs up or wear dark lingerie. You could probably get the same effect by staying home, reading Archie comics and listing to terrible music. This is what you get for not going to Coachella.

Red Room Cabaret, Doors @ 9, Tickets $15