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FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008

By only

Friday April 11, 2008

There was a time, probably before any of us were born, when an education meant something. Back then you had to be really smart, really rich, and really good looking to attain higher learning. Now the flood gates have been flung wide open. To sustain itself the post secondary system will pretty much let anyone in, as long as they have a couple thousand bucks. The education factory needs a steady supply of fresh meat, so most graduates find work at the very institution responsible for their creation in the first place. It’s a cyclical typhoon of overly educated teachers and baristas, feeding their hungry mother. Universities are devouring our children, and just about everything else, spitting out debt and retards all over the place. It must be stopped.

That being said, we highly recommend fucking college students.

Stars, Wintersleep, Five Alarm Funk, The Most Serene Republic, with DJ’s Neil Hillbrandt and Half Alive

Mcinnis Park, UBC – Students Only (just jump the fence, they’re all so stupid they won’t even notice)