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Thursday April 10, 2008

By TimC

Thursday April 10, 2008

Cat Power plays tonight at the Vogue. The event is all ages, so there will be plenty of mini scenesters now that kids stopped watching Power Rangers and started shopping at Urban Outfitters. Tickets start at $35 before either Ticketmaster or a scalper rape you. Awful lot for babysitting.
Doors @ 8, Tickets $35

Baltimore DJ Tittsworth is playing at the Modern tonight. He’s from Baltimore, which means there’ll be more remixing, and it will probably be more hardcore than usual because that’s how Baltimore people roll.
Doors @ 8, Tickets $10

Some band that sounds like St. Patrick’s Day is playing at the Railway Club tonight. Since Irish music is now popped-collar friendly, you can avoid that, but the opening band Rio-Bent isn’t bad. Think Distillers before Dalle threw her life away.
Doors @ 9