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Saturday April 4, 2008

By only

Saturday April 5, 2008

Robert Mearns, Heidi Greewood, Andrew Lau, and Randy Grskovic are having a group show at East Van Studios tonight. Its followed by a “disco della spazio” which we believe to be a dance party even though according to google language it translates as “disk space of”. What is with everyone throwing a dance party on top of everything? Dance parties: the cool whip of mediocre art events.

Modern Creatures play two shows tonight. They play first at nine with Culte du Cargo at the Astoria, and if you aren’t in the mood to stick around for the dance party afterward they play again at Pub 340 with Adjective, i/i, and N12.

There’s an arousing lineup at Hoko’s tonight with Mount Erie and International Falls. We think in this case the “chill out ambient booth” hosted by No Gold is like the cool whip in the commercials on top of french beans: just better left undone. Don’t fuck with our french beans No Gold.