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Thursday April 3, 2008

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Thursday April 3, 2008

If you don’t have Chromeo tickets for tonight, you’re basically shit out of luck. But if you need to get your dance fix, why not try the Modern for OMG! WTF? with Sex Attack! There will be about five people there, and all sorts of random remixery afoot. More fun than a neon barrel full of American Apparel clad monkeys!
$5 cover at the door.

For those of you who feel like taking a slight road trip, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) is playing a show at TWU in Langley tonight. Be warned, it’s a strict (boring) university and there’s a no drinking or smoking policy on campus, so your best bet for fun is probably illicit drugs.
Doors open at eight and tickets are $10 or $2 with fake TWU ID.

Wendy Thirteen hosts karaoke at the Cobalt every Thursday night at 10. Come and let your inner Asian businessman out to sing and knock everyone’s socks on their ass.