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Thursday March 27, 2008

By only

Thursday March 27, 2008

Tonight Blastramp is celebrating one year in existence with a very special edition where they will have a band we don’t care about play and… 19 DJs! 19! DJs! Can you imagine anything more exciting??? It’s tooootally WMC ’08, Vancouver edition! Although 19 is a huge number and it’s so exciting that it’s impossible to be cynical about, it’s hard to stop our brains from imagining what it would be like if Blastramp had gone the distance and got 20 DJs to play. The music would probably be so much better if there had been 20. Oh well, 19 it is… 19!
Tonight at the Bourbon.

And then if you really like to wear pants, and love people who are pants, sucks to be you, because Vampire Weekend has been sold out since even before their album came out. And listen, if you were one of those people who bought tickets to go see this show, we’ve got some swamp land in Florida you just MUST see, you gullible fucking sheep. Also, have you guys read “The Gallant Gallstone” yet? It is INCREDIBLE. Best work of our generation. Srsly… Awww, too highbrow? Fuck it.
Tonight with Yacht at Richards on Richards.