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Sunday, Mar 23, 2008

By sasha

Sunday March 23, 2008


Your choice: the 1500 page book, or the 4-part series at Pacific Cinematheque.
See Part 1 today at 2:00pm, Part 2 at 4:45, Part 3 at 7:30, Part 4 at 9:10. Tickets are $9.50 per show.


Fake Shark Real Zombie play their “nu-rave post-post-everything rock” (as described by them) at their CD release show at 7 W. 2nd Ave tonight. There’s also going to be 1/2 Alive DJs so you can expect a flock of cussing, smoking, American Apparel-toting 15-year olds to be present. Cost for the show is $10.