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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

By Adam Thomas

Saturday March 22, 2008

The 2008 World Pillow Fight is on today at the VAG rain or shine. We hope it’s rain though, because feathers get really heavy and hard when they’re wet, and we feel that this event would be more fulfilling to watch if there were a greater number of concussions involved.
3pm. Bring your own pillow.

Forever by Dutch director Heddy Honigmann chronicles a day inside Paris’ Pere-Lachaise cemetery.
Vancity Theatre, 8:45pm

The ladies from White Lung are back in town, and are doing their homecoming show for real this week. We aren’t going to make Courtney Love jokes, but we are going to make reference to the vocalist’s past love for Avril Lavigne, because it is just immature enough to make us all snicker. Maybe she can do a cover of “Complicated” and we’ll show her our spider wrist tattoos from when we were goth in grade nine and used to draw razor blades on our notebooks.
Peanut Gallery, back door at Pender and Richards, 9pm

Happy 25th? to our President. You know who you are. And we love you for that.