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FRIDAY, MARCH 21st, 2008

By David Look

Friday March 21, 2008

Yeah, right. We’re getting up early, taking the last of the mushrooms that we have left over from our intensified team building sessions at an undisclosed wooded location over the past few days and then we’re gonna get all shanty at The Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums. Good Friday indeed.
10:00am – 11:00am @ Vancouver Public Library

Greenbelt Collective, Apollo ghost, Wind Whistles, Chris-a-riffic, and Nut Brown. We’re pretty sure these people are doing it. They probably live together too. Oh wait, that’s us.
6 – 9pm ahah, get it? Little Mountain Studio’s – 195 26th Ave.

Alright fine, if you’re the sort that actually has responsibilities, or even worse, a Grandmother. Take her to Puccini’s Messa Di Gloria. It’s at the Orpheum. It will cost you a mint, but you know the old bag’s good for at least a 50.