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Tuesday March 18th, 2008

By Adam Thomas

Tuesday March 18, 2008

For anyone curious as to which St. Patrick Swayze movie we watched at the Astoria last night, it was Roadhouse. It sent everyone in attendance into a euphoric state of heckles and jeers. The Swayze actually rips out a guys trachea out of his throat in this film. It was very homo-erotic. We’re still hot and very bothered.

Short and sweet. The Rippers from Italy and the Manipulators play a really early show. 8 pm early ‘cause the show must be over by 11pm. Think of it this way…you can go get your rock on and make it home in time for the Daily Show.
8pm @ Pub 340

Sandy Bone, Double D & friends End of the Line Jam play the Princeton Pub tonight. For some reason, we suspect there will be a lot of camel toe in the audience.
1901 Powell Street