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Saturday, March 15th, 2008

By Adam Thomas

Saturday March 15, 2008

We don’t really understand why you would watch a movie in theatre when you can see it for free online, but there must be some merits. Apparently, Zeitgeist is a documentary viewed by 2.1 million people per month on Google Video. I expect the turn out for the big screen viewing will be 6+. Rio Theatre at Commercial on Broadway, 2pm.

Seeing as our editor’s in NYC and we all hate his guts more than usual as a result, we’re going to promote a theme party a girl we might have met once is having on West Broadway tonight. It’s called the New York Party, and the very classy looking little fliers said “costumes encouraged.” One of our writers is going as Hillary because she likes how her hair doesn’t move when she’s on camera, and there is absolutely nothing that will anger our editor more than an Only writer endorsing Clinton for ’08. 249 W. Broadway

Foreseeable Dramatics
Die Cowboy is playing at the Astoria tonight. Now to be clear, this band is not the the new brain child of the Organ’s Katie Sketch. It’s her little sister Shmoo Richie’s band. Not Katie, Shmoo, it’s all Shmoo. Except that Katie is playing there tonight for moral support. Expect potential for an on-stage cat fight when leagues of L Word fans in Marc Jacobs scream “Katie we love you!” and Shmoo cracks under the pressure of the spotlight.