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FRIDAY, MARCH 14th, 2008

By David Look

Friday March 14, 2008

Two words: April Wine. Yeah, that’s right, Canada’s version of ZZ Top, who’ve been at this shit since 1969 are playing in the absolutely perfect setting for this kind of thing, Coquitlum. Holy fuck Coquitlam, where everyone has a rabid dog in the backyard, and a union card. Bring a knife.
Red Robinson Theatre – 2080 United Boulevard Coquitlam

We have no idea who DJ JOHNNY is, but can only guess that with a name as imaginative as that one he must be awesome. Think about it, the Princeton Hotel bar, Johnny working the decks, and of course, the Princeton’s legendary Friday night meat draw. If you don’t go you’re a fucking loser.
1901 Powell Street – No Cover

The Biltmore has a show tonight with The Green Hour headlining The Monitors and The Trap Doors. Just in case you didn’t know The Green Hour is a psychedelic band, check out the poster for this show. Meat Draw’s and Coquitlam are looking better all the time.
The Biltmore

And finally, we feel a certain need to tell you that the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific is something you really need to see. It’s all about paradise. Totally sexist, kinda racist, but set to catchy music and way out trippy colour effects paradise. Totally worth your time.