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Monday, March 10th, 2008

By Adam Thomas

Monday March 10, 2008

Nothing gets us hotter than people slamming out poetry. And we, as in Vancouver, happen to have some of the best damn poetry slammers around. Legends. They actually win tournaments and record records and carry dictionaries around with them. And that got us to thinking we’d like to have a go. This is a trick we learned back in our poetry slam attending days. Open a dictionary, any page, and in that totally stereotypical beat, pause, beat, beat poetry slam way just read every third word aloud.

P.191 Oxford Paperback Edition

Practice dressing sex
stick in a lawcourt
fertilize the firing of guns and bad-tempered shade.
Across water, pedestrians to cross a road
bad-tempered beam, bar, cords, test answers questions.
A note, a book, a stitch heard blowing across clues on a grid.

Vancouver Poetry Slam @ Cafe Deux Soleils (Commercial Drive) 8:30 pm