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Monday, March 3rd, 2008

By Adam Thomas

Monday March 3, 2008

Never mind that Wee Sammy tried to patent the term Ecodensity or that Ecodensity remains a vague and nebulous term for more people in less space and doesn’t seem to actually refer to standard of living, nor does it seem to acknowledge the attraction and functionality inherent in the organic development of neighborhoods that exist and serve the people that live there. Undoubtedly these and many more concerns will be cleared up and set right and our city’s future redeemed by pragmatic and compassionate understanding of the real issues. Isn’t that what normally happens at City Hall?

Special Council Meeting (EcoDensity)- reconvened from February 26/27, 2008
Council/Committee Meeting
Location: Council Chamber

House Party, the movie, for real, for free.

9pm @ The Astoria