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Wednesday February 27, 2008

By only

Wednesday February 27, 2008

We’re curious to see what happens when Guitar Hero nights at bars and pubs are just as common as karaoke nights. Seems pretty inevitable, and we’ve been hearing reports from a bunch of other cities saying that the odd bar just got a weekly Guitar Hero night, or something along those lines. It looks like Vancouver even has one too – at least, that’s one that we know of. Problem is that it happens tonight, and it happens at the Cellar. That place is a total piece of shit. None of us have ever been there, but come on. Everyone knows it’s a piece of shit.

Hey, did you know that enough excellent films about rock climbing in the past year to necessitate a week long film festival based solely around exceptional rock climbing films? Did you also know that they need a venue larger than some living room out in Penticton to hold this festival? Shit man, the Cinematheque is gonna reek for weeks. Yes! That’s our kind of town!
The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is at the Pacific Cinematheque until March 1. Full schedule here.