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Monday February 25th, 2007

By Adam Thomas

Sunday February 24, 2008

Holy Fuck. Uhm…okay….But seriously. Really? Holy Fuck? How is it that a Casio inspired, experimental band from Toronto has the most unoriginal and overstated punk name ever? It doesn’t matter because if you are into experimental electronic driven rock with lots of drumming you probably already knew about this and think the name is cool. That’s just how things are these days.

Holy Fuck plays with A Place To Bury Strangers @ Richards on Richards. Doors at 8pm.

Well if you’ve ever been a stripper, a drug dealer, a veterinarian, a preschool teacher, a dog walker, an accountant, a carpenter or even an pastry chef, you should be feeling very inspired. We can all be Academy Award winning screenwriters. Get started.

The doctor, poet, writer, dancer, actress and legendary civil rights activist is in town giving a talk tonight. If wisdom has no price, then pony up $72.50.
7:30pm @ The Orpheum