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Friday, February 22, 2008

By only

Friday February 22, 2008

Tonight is an all music lineup. There’s so much action that if you can be amazing enough to attend every show, and prove that you were there, you will win a prize. That’s right. It’s a contest. The prize will be our own dvd office copy of Burt Lancaster’s masterpiece, The Swimmer.

And, they’re off!


Twin Crystals, Owl Drugs, and Taxes are at the Astoria, but hey, you’ve already been there three nights this week and barfed in the middle stall on Wednesday.

The Mountain Goats play at Richard’s. Will anyone even remember these guys by summer? Unlikely, and with so much competition shelling out better shit at cheaper prices, we think you’re better to steer clear of Dick.

The Hives are at The Commodore. Yeah right. Give’r Dude. Don’t forget your baseball cap.

Shearing Pinx, Mattress, The Doers, Dullmoofs, and Stamina Mantis at 340. Alright, now we’re getting somewhere! Mattress kill-fucked (yes kill-fucked) Music Waste last year, and now he makes his return to Pub340 with his now legendary sport coat crooning ways mixed with cheap drinks, low door, and a smoking room. This one is sure fire baby! Sure fucking fire!

The TVees, The Parallels, and The Trap Doors are at the Royal Unicorn and all that blue light shit they got going on in there makes you feel kinda like you’re at prom. And who doesn’t want The Parallels to play at their prom. Plus, our “man on the inside” working the bar will give us free beer all night. Not you though, so fuck off.


Winners: get your prize here.