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Friday, November 9th, 2007

By David Look

Thursday November 8, 2007


Elvis Presley’s 9th studio album issued on RCA in November of 1959, was called 50 000 000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong. In what must be one of the best Elvis album covers ever, the King is depicted in his now famous suit of gold and multiplied all over the square cardboard like he’s some kind of golden clone. What you may ask has this got to do with the fact that we’re hosting a party at the Gaff Gallery tonight, along with another little to-doo across the street at the Astoria? Why absolutely nothing! Except of course that covers are memorable things, and that we’ve got 183 confirmed guests and 183 maybes which totals 366 people and those are just the folks polite enough to RSVP. We all know most Only readers are assholes and couldn’t be bothered to let us know that they’re attending. So what we’re saying here is that 50 000 000 Only Fans Can’t Be Wrong.

All The Covers – 684 East Hastings – 7pm

LaterAdelaide, Petroleum By-Product, and No Gold at the Astoria

*today’s Killer Daily listing has a secret message coded within it, tell us what it is and we’ll give you something.