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Thursday, April 25, 2019 / MOBILE / MORGUE / FEED / SLUSH PILE

Mental Beast

Mental Beast Prologue from the shots on Vimeo.

Get ready for some insidery plugging over the next few weeks. Today, it’s Mental Beast, co-executive produced by our Cameron Reed

Let’s see. Reading the bumpf, it says

Mental Beast is an innovative 12-episode comedy series that spans two mediums, with two totally distinct show formats — audio and video. It tells the story of KRML, a radio station on the verge of collapse, by bouncing between the audio episodes of a radio show called Mental Beast and video episodes depicting the station’s behind-the-scenes exploits.

The KRML station staff is comprised entirely of Vancouver’s finest alternative comedians, actors, and performers. In addition, Mental Beast was written by the same people that created the web-series With Friends Like These and the pioneering promotional videos, the Music Waste Shorts.

Production of the videos is being handled by local film crews The Shots, and Leo Award nominated Awkward Moment Productions; production of the audio series is under the supervision of CBC Radio3 producer Chris Kelly.

It all begins 7 December

Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

Brand new. And the Henson Co. nicely avoids telling the kids that it is okay to tell your mama that you killed a man by giving the line to Animal.

Mr. Sub gay shocker

Mr. Sub has fired the ad agency. After they approved and ran the ad. Xtra

Macy’s Day parade gets Rick Roll’d

Okay everyone, we’ve let this go too far. Time to put Rick Astlely back in the Fail closet with Anthony Michael Hall.

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Mutators on “the Bus” (live in Philly)

cameronr: xvancouverx

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Too much Internet

Ugh. I can only watch this in five second intervals because I don’t want people at work to wonder what is making me cry.

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I am totally into this weird, Euro kick dance thing

Filmed on Friday.

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Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton read Nailin’ Palin porn script

Starts at 1:45.

I don’t want to sound racist here...

... but I do not want a black man running my country.

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