Friday, June 22, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

That’s Not A Monkey On Your Back

Dear Diary. White people and black people are different. White people live in Vancouver and Chinese people consider Chinese food to just be food. I think.

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What Monkey?

You know who never gets older? Underage girls. Yep.

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Do Not Feed The Monkey

Wouldn’t it suck if you were promised the world but only got Manitoba?

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Busta Rhymes is a pussy

Back in the day I used to bump Leaders Of The New School (aka LONS). Together Charlie Brown, Dinco D, Busta Rhymes and Milo were ill – they had dope energy and they put out 2 classic albums. Then Busta went for delf and the rest of LONS faded away.

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The Bangmaster Speaks

Peter Blue

If you don’t know, well, you might never know. Meet Peter Blue. Peter Blue is one of the more interesting things in Lamecouver. Peter Blue is interested in continuing to disturb people’s mundane realities. Peter Blue’s like God, but he spells his name with more letters.

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The Phonograff

If anti-Semitism is funny, then Hitler had the best joke ever. Really. If it was funny, then he’s basically a comedic genius like Richard Pryor. But seriously. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a modern day classic, it’s the new Shakespeare.

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Now that’s what’s up!

Mr. Rumble

So, um, everyone seems to be dying too soon these days. Maybe it’s been going on since Jesus and I just never noticed it.

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Jeff Spec

Jeff Spec

So I voted for the first time ever. They made me use a pencil so that they could change my vote later.

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Drunkness Monster

Drunkness monster

Canada’s own Drunkness Monster wants to be prime minister.

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RIP Lee ‘Avers’ Matasi

Lee Matasi by Rhek

Fuck guns and the cowards who use them. Stop bringing guns to clubs. Stop killing people. It ain’t right.

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