Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: Riding the rails

-1 Bus crashes have increased 63 per cent this year.

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Greens on TV

“The political path has been cleared for Elizabeth May to participate in the televised leaders debates after first NDP Leader Jack Layton and now Conservative Leader Stephen Harper withdrew their threats to boycott.”



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Credit Check: Bounty, for the taste of adventure

-10 The Olympics belong to everyone! Unless you don’t have a a VISA card. Ticket buyers will also be required to buy packages ‘designed much like cable television bundles’, which, in the same way that cable channels force viewers to pay for worthless channels, will force fans to purchase tickets to that ski-and-shoot things event.

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Credit Check: Gordon Campbell is a Commie

-10 Harper goes after that wooly-headed, commune-dwelling pinko Gordon Campbell on carbon taxes.

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Credit Check: Any Colour as long as it is White

-10 Adbusters, is accused of having design juries consisting only of white guys. At least they are not hipsters.

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Credit Check: Wake me up in Prince Rupert

-1 CBC accused of losing emails from upset listeners of Radio 2. Apparently Radio 2 listeners are too cheap to get a CD player.

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Credit Check: They really love me

-5 Former top Mountie says that other security services were just as bad as his was, maybe worse.

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Credit Check: Rest His Sole

Victory Square Block Party 2008 photo by dubesor