Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

What was the #1 Song on the day you were born?

“Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes

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Music Waste Passes In Stores Now!

The time has come for you to buy your Music Waste Festival pass. They only cost $15, and are available for purchase at Zulu, Scratch, Redcat, Audiopile and Limelight Video. They may be a bit too sexy for you, but that’s your problem, not ours. Happy summer!

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“Somebody gave me a BJ on stage in Cleveland at Tower 2012!”

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“I always assume that things will go badly so I am not caught expecting too much. Maybe on this tour I will hit puberty, and my voice will crack and disgrace me. The good time possibilities are endless.”

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Ruby Suns, Four Tet, The Roots, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Ruby Suns – Sea Lion
Definitely the best new release since Vampire Weekend. Seriously, the entire staff at Only Magazine agrees. And we are definitely not kidding. We keep telling the rest of those guys at Only: “C’mon. Don’t you guys think that bands like these guys and Vampire Weekend are just mixing tropical themes into their mediocre indie music as a cheap gimmick?” But then the Only guys are all like: “No way dudes. These two bands are the real deal. We guar-on-tee.” And who are we to argue with everyone else at Only Magazine? [Ed: Actually, we think Vampire Weekend sounds like unreleased end credit music from The Lion King]

Four Tet – Ringer
Jeph: Rumour has it that Four Tet was interesting for a week in 1998, but if you have heard any electronic music that wasn’t made from Robert Miles, then you will probably find Four Tet to be pretty uninteresting. There you go. Awesome Jeph Wager just slipped a Robert Miles reference into a review for some mysterious reason.

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Meth Teeth

“I’ve been to your ‘downtown’ and you have some pretty epic junkies.”

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Midnight Juggernauts

“We never really used to rehearse very much when we first started, but we’re kind of forced to take it a lot more seriously now.”

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Time Travel: Yesterday's Music Yesterday Today in the Future

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Time Travel: THE FuTuRE - 2112

I traveled through time. I went to 2112 and I brought back music. Music from the future. Music from 2112. And since I harness the raw hot talent to travel through time (for this week only), I decided to quickly visit Toronto in 1973, with the music from 2112 in tow. I took the music from 2112 to 1973 so I could play it for a Junior Sales clerk at a large department store named Gary Lee Weinrib. It goes without saying that he dug it. It goes without saying that a simple gesture in Toronto, 1973, which I happened to accomplish on April 17, 2008, just after I was in 2112, resulted in the epic masterpiece, Rush’s 2112. 2112 was recorded in 1975, and released in 1976. I made this happen, it took 10 minutes.

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“Drums are easy — that’s why I’m a whore.”

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