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Vancouver Civic Election 2008



08 Wed Ladner tells the faithful - 'They smell blood'
08 Wed We're not just greybeards - COPE

02 Thu Mayoral debate round one round-up

01 Wed Toxic Tim can only hope for the worst
01 Wed Where does the working class party go from here?


28 Sun Tim Louse, so close to winning

25 Thu Vision's 'Big Tent Party' is more often seen Federally than municipally
25 Thu David Eby, get to know your ethnic block
25 Thu What does the NPA think of the Vision candidates?
25 Thu Can a Robertson be a progressive mayor in a party of developers and casino owners?
25 Thu Courier's Vision Slideshow
25 Thu Ladner criticised for lack of Insight support

22 Mon David Eby, gracious in defeat

21 Sun Allen Garr's Vision picks
21 Sun NPA school wannabe blames Fraser Institute for poor East Side schools
21 Sun Full counts of Vision nominees
21 Sun Vision's Park, School Board, and Council nominees

18 Thu Interviews with the class of '72: a mayor and council who changed the city
18 Thu Being mayor means not humiliating Vancouver on the world stage
18 Thu Green rank and file unhappy their lot in COPE-Vision deal
18 Thu It is time for Tim Louis to move on
18 Thu Insights into Politician A, B, C & D
18 Thu COPE and Vision are like Brent and Wayne Gretzky
18 Thu Ladner has bias against addicts, says youth advocate
18 Thu Raymond Louie has his own Vision slate for council

17 Wed NPA runs full slate of Park Board candidates
17 Wed ... but only two-thirds of a School Board slate
17 Wed Work Less Party: we'll divert police budget to social workers to cut crime
17 Wed Cadman no longer complaining about personal $40,000 campaign debt
17 Wed 'Why dump Sullivan?'
17 Wed Ladner drifts to the right

16 Tue COPE-Vision accord a 'stinking deal'
16 Tue It's a waste of resources to ticket DTES street vendors
16 Tue Park board candidate wants artists-in-residence in park caretakers' houses
16 Tue Voting Vision-COPE is like voting NDP says Ladner
16 Tue Possibly the third story the Province has written about the civic election - this one on David Cadman
16 Tue Excellent profile of city manager, Judy Rogers

15 Mon COPE-Vision deal ratified by members
15 Mon 'Most diverse' slate need for Olympics opportunity - Ladner

12 Fri COPE-Vision deal not guaranteed

11 Thu Wagering on the candidates
11 Thu NPA wannabes are from all walks of life
11 Thu At 16,000 members, Vision is the largest civic party
11 Thu Premier's fundraiser Zlotnik seeks second NPA Park Board term
11 Thu Jamie Lee Hamilton decision inpires transgender activist to quit NPA
11 Thu Vision school board wannabes debate
11 Thu COPE folded for Vision says angry Tim Louis

10 Wed The Province actually has a story on the civic election. COPE-Vision deal, of course.
10 Wed COPE-Vision deal an uneasy alliance - Ladner
10 Wed COPE-Vision deal entrenches Vision to the left - Ladner
10 Wed Long-time School Board member Denike to start treatment for colon cancer
10 Wed Members rights usurped in COPE-Vision 'backroom deal'
10 Wed 10 Questions with the CBC's municipal affairs reporter, Stephen Quinn
10 Wed COPE's Louis would like to scuttle COPE-Vision deal
10 Wed Courier's version of the COPE-Vision deal
10 Wed Long-time Park Board member considers independent council bid
10 Wed Sanity returns to COPE and Vision

09 Tue Let's have car-free Sundays, say Vision-wannabees
09 Tue Division of seats officially made between Vision, COPE, and Greens

08 Mon Queer candidate seeks NPA council nod
08 Mon Mayoral candidate wants to move from treehouse to City Hall
08 Mon Vision candidates fight among themselves for turf

07 Sun The 'other' Jim Green won't run again
07 Sun Ian Waddell seeks Vision Park Board seat
07 Sun Chow trouble for competition

06 Sat Federal election taking civic parties' resources
06 Sat Vision quest for female candidates
06 Sat Ladner steering NPA to the rocks
06 Sat Punjabi Market Association head to run with NPA

05 Fri Meet Vision's election strategist Ron Stripp

04 Thu Why won't Robertson debate me?
04 Thu Will Peter Ladner defend civil liberties?
04 Thu It's time to scrap Vancouver's partisan electoral system
04 Thu NPA's Ladner pronises change from three years of NPA government

01 Mon Peter Ladner and Gregor Robertson, men in full